Running From Your Demon

I  can’t run from this
It always catches up with me
and it strikes me down
All it takes is just a moment of weakness
a moment i am not fully focused on fighting myself
Then it jumps me Slams me onto the ground
All my bones and all my wounds – Never had the chance to heal
So they crack and rip open again

a faint scream from my most inner hollow circle
Is all i can utter
Is the only way i hear my voice
To prove to me

I am alive
This is what i am
who i am

A preyed-upon running from it’s demon
very aware that to the demon
It’s playing catch me if you can
While to me
It’s playing Live Or Die

so why the fuck should i keep running?
keep patting the dust off my knees
keep stitching my torn pieces together

over and over
Never to feel peace
Never escape this torment
After all, as driven i may be,
the Demon is the one that,
in the end,
drives me.

To me it isn’t living
it’s just dying very slowly.