Life is a suck-fest for tragedy and madness.
Everybody feels like they know where the upside is
Shame on them – they live in a downwards whirled spiral.
There is no upside in this cycle of agony and diversions.

They wander these streets
Flinch when they pass a corner, cause maybe this time they’ll get robbed
Robbed of their money – forgetting they’ve lost their humanity.
Shrug at the broken people on their hands and knees.

They no longer pray for sympathy, they pray for you and me.

It’s a charity event for the rich
A rebellion for the wicked
And survival for the poor.

Leaflets of consumerism are leaflets for hunger are leaflets of destruction
Are the bundles we so gladly graze at with our finger tips
Makes us part of it

When getting through this world you go through numbers

I’d rather not get through this at all.

Nightmares have nested in our dark minds for ages.
They are not the monster we created in legend
Or the wars we fought, leaving blood soaked paths to our ancestors
Nor the whimpering and howling of our clammy souls sticking at our cold trembling bones

The nightmares are all and everything we accept to be around
The nightmares are what makes us believe in fear.
This fear leads to weakness.

And the nightmares are chasing this lingering, intoxicating scent

Ripping it apart,

Sinking in their teethes and feeding from the energy.

We are now blinded by what our monsters chose to give in return
-they swallowed our weakness in whole-
Now they offer to stitch the gaping hollow with strings made out of their own flesh.

The nightmares you run from
The nightmares that howl after you and jump
They are slowly starting to take over your soul.

Weakness after Weakness gets picked away delicately
Replaced with angry scars over hidden voids.

Taking more and more out of you.

Stop hiding your weaknesses. Embrace them.