follow your arrow wherever it points

It’s an explosion into a million pieces
Ripping out the cornerstones
It’s tearing down this haunted house
Kissing the skeletons of my own demons
I’ve been slain and broken a thousand times
Time flowing in circles until I chose to realise
I was always meant to be a restless soul
Loose puzzle pieces crowning my gaping holes
Some of us will live the life of a thousand deaths
And we’ll revel in the moment when we’ve found rest
For now I’m laying in the ashes of yesterday’s wooden coffin
Tossing death at castles made of air, broken dreams
slowly fading
slowly cracking
And the storm comes hauling in, slamming broken doors
I’ve never been one to pray but tonight I had to trust in faith
Darling, you know I’ve never been one to let it all go astray
Dust slowly settling down on the ruins of my faded days
No longer do I feel the need to run and hide
The haunted mansion has been blown away
I’m free and certain it is how it should be
I wouldn’t want it any other way
  • KH