You wear them like a trophy
draped around your neck
Tangled together by thorns
woven together with thread
you found and pulled off
brand new scars
They all still bled

Some are still beating
though torn apart
Some are freshly dripping
with dark tear-stained blood
Some have now gone cold
weary and dead

It’s your masterpiece
Your finest art
How with a simple stroke
a happy soul chose to let go
How with a simple smile
it all came falling apart

They warm you
the freshest of all
They feed you
the first ones to fall
They give you
what you’ve never had

So with those red footprints
you leave at their door
Your path found me
Winded and crooked and not happy at all

– when you met me i wonder
did you see yourself in my eyes
or in the whole in my heart?