Sinner’s Delight

Sinner wander to confession
Bells chime for the blood
Bitter the air tastes
Metal-laced tongues

Moral high ground
The judges on their tip-toes
Sneak up on the wronged
To seek out the foes

Your air still claims my lungs
The bloodhound whiffs
Justice for the bitter
Guilty is what I plead

Regrets tie knots to throats
A necklace for the damned
I hold my post with a heavy heart
Boulders sink my stand

Fire burnt evidence on my chest
Crystallised bruises are no treasure
Wight of precious rocks
my lust for the outlawed

Open for all to see
my failed composure
They throw rocks and stones but fail
Your words have numbed me thoroughly

Fallen on a sword forged by my own hand
Buried deep between my wings
Lucifer was once an angel
Abel was one a man

I lost what was never mine
I gained what was never mine to be