j’suis excessive

a crack in the glass
the content drips
snake-like path
to the stench covered floor

how long will it hold
they wonder
when with more heat
– More –
they fill it up until it overflows

it’s numbness behind blinded eyes
that disguises their bitter fear
but with what addiction do they
– Mouths open –
sit beneath that glass and wait

it drips again

eyes roll back
orbs fall to ashes
it’s a sudden death
but the uncanny knowledge of rebirth

it drips again
this time harder

clinging to their throats
is that taste of forevermore
no thing can contain or hold

the crack bruises up
it stings ears with it’s song of glory
and disrupted grace

this time it bursts

lips pulled apart
they drown themselves
and make it look like art
but no masterpiece could sustain
the force behind it