“money is the reason we exist, everybody knows it, it’s a fact, kiss kiss”

it’s this blindfold
made of bills and check books
that keeps us staring at our own reflection
instead of letting our gaze wander to see
or for other eyes to seek

it keeps us closed to options
following all these instructions
instead of reading through the contract
we just sign on that dotted line
yes, i’ve read the conditions,
just give it to me

Keep the green flow coming in
numb your consciousness with whatever you can spend
this world is slowly coming to an end
and we’re not even watching

as long as we can live in excess
young and beautiful
we’ll be alright
sip tight, pull down,
close up that open mind

we gave up on religion long ago
when we realised we’d lose our souls
now we calculate our differences
on paper white as the vests of stained worker’s linen
and bloodied children’s handprints

this is what we force ourselves
to be living in

when we will start an outrage
that will burn this dead soil we are building on
we will be staring at all that remains
from a king bed 6 feet deep
but no heritage for a kingdom come


(title from Lana del Rey’s “National Anthem”)