I Will Wait For You

i await you at the gates
roses at the ready
when you return
tired limbs dragging you home

i pull you in
push you against the cold walls
until my warmth burns through
until you know it’s safe

slowly, quietly, softly,
do i lift off each piece of armour
freed of heavy metal
your shoulders no longer tense

wars have left their marks
with soap and silk do i wash
cover them up
no reminder of the world outside
astray inside out fort

finally your eyes meet my own
and, guard no longer,
you fall into me
for i will catch every time you choose to let go

petals carpet stony tiles
shades of love to me
our hands weightless anchors
maybe they’ll soon be the same to you

one day you’ll fight no more
for all fight i’ve drained from you
and keep you safe and secure
but until that time
you decide to seek battles on your own

so i wait
and love
and give in to you

because i hope
one day
you’ll love me, too