i plant dead trees

i have a house
in it’s garden
i plant dead trees
keep them with soil
of ashes
swaying in the breeze

rings of fire
surround my grounds
i write with the coals left
pages filled with the stains
the red, the black, the blue
with words i cover my pain

you walked through flames
hair crowned with brightest flowers
my saviour had no armour
that could burn away

the higher the walls
the prettier the princess
no beauty in my weakness

i wander these floors
when i’m restless
sleep consumes
and i have no more to give

but you came not to take
you brought gifts wrapped
with bows of white

ashes are nurtures
you planted in my garden
thorns dug deep
tears stained your eyes
but you stayed

and started to read
the books piling up
in the house i live in

today i spotted the first blossom
on my dead cherry tree.