Dedicated to the Lost

they litter in the streets
the bread crumbs that i leave

for the fairy tale
my dilapidated being
fills books and paper
with leaking ink

now puddles have grown to black mirrors
being soaked onto white stained parchment

when my hair grew so long
even the highest of towers
needn’t a ladder to climb
i left my dazzling castle
to run in crowded streets

funny, it were my tainted tears that caught your eye
not what i left of my lover’s delights

follow swiftly
for  Ruins creek before they crumble
and these Fire Cracker Lungs are about to explode

before confetti of written words fill the air
I rip out one page
“Dedicated to the lost”

the winds sweep away
my rotting little clues to you
i penned once upon a time
for stories to replace truth

i realised
you truly loved tragedy
when you found me and chose
to spread more crumbs with me.