tides never wait

you asked for our love to be as bright as a diamond
when we were created like falling stars
to crinkle starry oceans across blue horizons
before fading at the tips of waves
only saints learned to walk on
and, honey, we are more than holy

our palms have holes
and through those I tie a knot for eternity
so when one fades
the other shall follow their path
pulled along by the hooks of their souls
wearing out tender skin

our soles have nails dug through
binding our flesh to vibrant tombs
and digging our toes into burning earth
painting foot prints black across all sancturies
we are more than saints

born with black smoke cloaking our hearts
we became in tune with the songs from those below
and learned all reapers’ own taunting tunes
whistling while wandering between darkest allies and holliest streets

we are lovers
and hissed sails to set for the twinkling seas
humming to the crushing of white powder
against our dry and humble bords
sparking a dim light
while fading before the burning twilight