and then take a bow

come and watch
and see
be the spectator
the audience to my misery
listen and then forget
leave these theater chairs
until they grow back to the cold
unworn surface they were build to be

I don’t want to rearrange
any of the fabrics they used to make
these halls and floor boards
keep them untouched
no shame no broken hearts
just an arrangement
to welcome guests
and bid them a good bye

the beauty of the stage
is the lights can be moved
the backgrounds changed
so even the most lonely soul
appears as a maestro
of a tale we’ve had
the dear luck and chance
to watch unfold

when it starts
the whole theatre is dark
only a subtle cough
and distant humming of conversation
signals that there is life
in the blacked out rows of chairs
stay unrecognized
dim the lights
and come

I don’t play for applause
I wrote these scripts
just for me