close your eyes

it drizzles icy flakes
outside this cloud
of expensive taste
and soothing perfume
while sat in front
a flickering screen
luxury is fire on a HD tv
or a gown of wool
that travelled further
than any of us ever do

on the other side of these invisible walls
leaning against the castle of glass
staring inside with troubled minds
because they can’t afford to be blind
are those who never tasted flecks of gold
on a desert tray

inside they use their toothpicks of silver
to rid the spaces between pearly whites
from the aftertaste of glimmering cake

while the winds pick up
and the drizzle turns to rain
a new light cigarette
finds it’s way between chapped lips
that’ll never taste
the excessive waste of life
instead they attach themselves
to any temporary fix
they can find
and suck on it
until eyes bleed red
until they forget time

maybe they’ll hope
that one day
they’ll have enough
to close both their eyes
hope they’ll have enough
to numb their minds

and the raindrops
fall onto asphalt
covered in the ashes
of lost dreams
wash them down
to create some space
for the side walk
of the broken boulevard