00:45 am

I found you
hunting fireflies
in fog struck moonlight
gentle fingers
attached to fraile wings
tie a thin string
from one bug to another
creating a glowing necklace

let it take it’s place
when it falls
down around wakeful eyes
is when you see me
I stumble back
over grounded branches
in shock
never had eyes caught mine
when I wandered

the insects seem uneasy
they yank at their own chains
until I watch your feet
bare and dirty
step into my clumsy tracks
then it isn’t just our eyes
that meet
when your glowing halo
stretches around both our necks

the flies do not still
they start to buzz
in chaotic swirls
meant to break their chains

we both know
that it cannot withstand
no one can when it is
in their nature

our hands entwined
when the only light
starts to fade
“now you see me”
I whisper

and as the darkness finally settled in
I knew I wasn’t alone
in my change