shade of summer-sadness

light it up
flirt with death
sinning is so yesterday
raise some hell instead

put those dark shades
on summer-sadness lips
shake off the chains
you broke free
when you gave away
the pain

crave a heart beat
a vibration under skin
but you know it will fade anyway
why bother, dear, why care?

leave a note at the door
buckle up on silver lightning
run, just run along, wildflower
the sun has set and left you too

rot away?
no, snap your own neck!
take life in two hands
spread it among the sand
a pill, a bullet, a heart collapse
– go find neverland

it burns down to the filter
why care or bother?
pull one more time
blisters shine in moonlight

take down sail
from this sinking ship
we have no cemetery on open sea

wrap me up
weigh me down
therein lies, peacefully,
my forsaken destiny.