oh, dear me

it’s the morning after
when sly regrets
twirl around
an inch from your nose
greyish, tobacco scented
a substance of nothing
although not invisible
demanding attention
while burning you crispy
from the inside

how it tastes
than what lingers
along the taste buds
from the night before
an evening of intoxication
sharing secrets with a ghost
hiding face from closest friends
it’s easier to forget
but how to ignore
the stains – lies –
and all those words
carved into walls at midnight
even when painted over
a blinded soul
could read them
trace them back
to broken fingernails
and fragile bones

now one lies alone
on the worn out matress
that is too expensive to replace
but reaks of sweet sweat
and sleepless nightmares
while trying
to blow away
the smokescreen on the ceiling
clouding the mind
and poisoning the heart
forcing you
to ponder on
about the mysteries of limelight
and all the shadows it throws