it rattles
then it riles me up
this hungry scratching
from my neck
into my bones
it sends these army of ants
fed off disaster and romance
all over me
straight to fingers
then to buzz on lips

the flesh
and greatest sin of mankind
enslaved to the curse
or blessing that
to rip free
jump forward
show her what I was hiding
for far too long
– when unintentional –
what I wanted

the open trust
and pleading
so in lust -love
would shine so bright
in her,
suit her, attentively awoken
from this dilemma
of cowards and smart lovers
minds that cared for hearts
it would fade
when I pulled her down
deep with me

I would try so hard
to memorize
each expression,
each freckle,
each and every inch
of you
maybe i’d drift off
along this new universe
of vulcanic vibrancy
get so alone
but free
in the expansion of your soul

then we’d crumble
spread, roll, laugh,
over the white, new, sheets
just fall into one another
until we foud ground

anchor each other
giving away
the safety
from being weighed down

we’d never feel more
at any other time of our lives