He wanted to be the center
of her life
a sun or bursting supernova
riling her in and pulling her close
so, so near
until the heat expanding
lit her up

flames just grapsing
at every inch
of her whole being
greedily tearing away
all her flesh
all her soul and heart and mind
he would bite and swallow
until the only remaining evidence
of her existence
to the world and universe
were his memories of her
and the taste of reminiscence
on his lips
spreading into a grin
wide with fatal passion
his destructive possession
earned his blunt unwined features

he was full to burst
stretching and yearning
to let himself explode
until he was spread across
all space
cracking from the heat
falling and succombing
to the drowning tide
all particales were
swept across the skies
to piles of tender, sparkling sand
while time started washing
and turning and painting
black canvas
with fading light