can’t feel when i’m with you

drink up, love
swallow your fears
maybe tomorrow
you’ll face those demons
but tonight
just hold on to me

twinkle twinkle
stars so high
never meant for us to reach
never meant to fly
let’s stay grounded
and find constellations
in each other’s eyes

when we collide
I forget who I am
I fall free
from hopes and dreams
you make me lose
all that I wanted to be
you pull and pull
I let go

set fire
let it burn our skin crispy brown
so every move we make
has a new sound
of it’s own
has a new pain
damn, we were so alone

now we’re too/two
but it’s a sweet sensation
to lose who we are
get rid of all that we owned
I chose to live in dark allies
with all those who never found home
instead of dirty sheets
in a lonely bed
– covers tainted in memories
drugged into madness
to find some peace

drink up, love
it was never about us
me or you
in fact it’s only about
eracing those scars
for another night
it’s only about
getting through.