go, go, girl! (done with love)

in fact
that’s exactly
what I am going to do
I will strip us
from these burning
kindly winding
chains of trust and truth
i’ll just start
to forget you
forget I care
and love
and need
maybe I can
make you forget me
and then
snap this cord
I wrapped around
my wrists and heart and soul
i’ll go off life-support
of course
if it means
i’ll finally be free of your hold
on me
and then
i’ll start to detest you
and all the fibers left
in my head
twirrling this mess
into a utterly stagnated process
of pain and pleasuring nightmares
rid myself of the love
killing me every day
because i’ll never be
what you need
me to be
i’ll never be
anything but me
believe these words
I tried so hard
but all I achieved
was more pain and misery
so walk away
if you care
leave me
to desolve
over unrequited
broken hearted
love affairs