salt on my skin (muse)

swallow the ocean
so the salt crusts your lungs
the waves crash againts your spine
feel how it fills you

your eyes cloud
early morning mist
dim the sunlight

the surface
is crinkled
it plays with shadows
on your face
I see myself

every touch
that runs through you
leaves a trail of circle waves
all over
spreads out to the edges
collides with the world
outside your own

when you wallow
in silver moonshine
the light builds a stairway
to the sky
through your skin
your mind

I leave your shores
with sand stuck underneath
my fingernails
inbetween my teeth
I taste the memories

with bare feet
I wander across
toes brush the ridge of waves
I step into the heavens
that blanketed you
with light
lose navigation
while I climb into the stars

I soar
spread all over you
build a constellation
to guide your sails
your thoughts

I stay and stare in wonder
down into substance of darkness
with every push of tides
I feel you lure me closer

you have become the sea
and I am yours to own.