kiss me darling
for I have sinned
have lain in water
crystal clear
floating drunken florals
softly swam with me

petals still stick
to my icy flesh
with the limb
but beautiful
but dead
but colorful
the vivid

your rose I am no longer
I am a waterlily
rootlessly drifting
ripped from ground and earth
feed not off sunshine
but suck the life
from those embedded
in their watery grave

washed ashore
amongst other things
storms had gathered
you find me
like once before
in the richest of gardens
when you plucked me
against all warning
against all fear of sin

oh dearest
how I envy those
who were not given a choice
nor chance
nor redemption
from their imprisonment
to this world

how I suffered
with the curse of
scultping my own mind
how I sank
until the stream
held me under
and freed me
from the weight
of earthly being

you gather me
from the river bench
as floral whites paint the trail
place me
into the nature
of my nascence

a flower
I am no longer

I never was
(meant to be)