he was exactly
as broken as I
leading me
under high ceilings
onto the floor
filled with people
I wondered
whom this world
really belonged to

throughout the night
did the music sway me
more than any time before
lifting my feet carefully
in tactful arrhythmia
through clouds of empty ones
and some who
were smiling madly

time flew past me
with each new beat
passed another mirror
another realm
ideas, ideological resolve
metaphors of life times
that were to go
as those I intended
to build or find

we kept to the music
lust of being and living
kept to the veins
coursing from head
to heart to toe
for once getting lost
in the insanely real
felt curiously alive

I settled then
in this dimension

a world
we had been thrown into
scattered with blisters
of burning eyes
and firey hearts
with a smile I opened up
began to flood
with all the lives around me
until I could willfully
shift my gaze
towards the sky