Primal Scream

hands bound
he tore me
across the desert
through sandy heat
relentless – tree free

and dried up mountains
giving only an echo
to that Primal Scream
buried in me

I huff out
the dust settled
along raw vocal chords
I choke
I cough
now or never

what if I manage
to break the inner torment
what if he hears

struggling to overpower
the chains
of this dreadful soulless
laid on me

these iron chains
lightly, carefree ringing
when the wind strikes
the space between us
how this devil grins
by the sound
he pulls my face
through dirt
just to hear me jingle

I beg for mercy
yet remain silent
by the fear
of him finding a new
to play with

tied to the mad man
running circles
fast enough
that yellow clouds
cloud my view
my head

oh how I dread
him finding
my mind
to disharmonize
how I fear

when finally
he lets silence
just to watch me
calm down
I finally voice out
the only
power I have
the only words
he left me

I dare him
remind him
that I will
rather let thirst
or my fingers
around my throat
bring me death
than his presence
keep me alive
on the outside, instead