fully, so.

I am poison
am I a flower
bloom blossom
flourish towards
the sky

a single thorn
have I crafted
a thorn of toxins
of love
of death
of revolt and disaster
it sticks
up like a sore thumb
like the limbs
the finger tips
or harsh, unloving lips
i’ve stung

I am the bee
that carries
their spike
gathers sweet liquor
on their tongue
let the drops
haze me faze me
let the lustful,
heady, essence
turn me greedy
force me to restlessness

run with me
for I am the forest
am home
to all creatures
of day-
and moonlight
trail through the maze
of looming trees
print my feet into the soil
the soken
the wet earth
let the whispers
of haunting winds
rattle the crowns of green
feel how the air
stiffens under the weight
of us

hear me roar
I am the rain and fire
that rumbles in anger
in devotion
in frightful
forcefully naive delight
split the night
the darkness
with my life
my light
my loins
my sweet sins
I know you await me
when you feel those clouds
know you urge
for those drops of rain
and fire to catch
with your open mouth

open do I lay my heart
for I am the ocean
a surface of waves
of depth
of sails
and sunsets
of endless tales
free from land
but so very weary
of it all
eat away at the coastlines
turn stone to gravel to sand
overrun – make it all mine
carve away
what lays before

how dare you close
those eyes
hide from my glare
I am the sun
sparkle til I
fall in
shine onto every thing
I touch
I burn
I leave my scars
with heated kisses
am warmth
I give and give and give
for spring to gather
for summer to explode

trace your stories
across my skin
I am the sky
of moons and stars
morning light
of silver treasure trails
of twinkling drops
diamond like
cold and far
gone and lost
gather me in
your open hands
feel the threads of time
sink into the lines across
your bare palms

I am My Own
a universe
inside another
like every soul
I find

I know
that I am

I am poison
am I the cure
should you choose
for me to burn inside
then choose to
swallow Me
take me
Love Me