Lucky You

so simple
like clockwork
fall into place
so easily

we’re that old tower
in front of my window
big hand chasing
little hand running

“for whom the bell tolls”

I see the memories
of a man lost
robbed from his love
in a cage a prison
Encaged in misery

“yet for each man kills the thing
he loves
by each let this be heard
some do it with a bitter look
some with a flattering word
the coward does it with a kiss
the brave man with a sword”

he told me
I smell like
girl and smoke
he says
he likes it
he likes me a lot

the bells started counting days now
time just keeps ticking away
so seamlessly
like us stood by that old

I never asked him to
he waited
and that’s never easy
but he did
drew into the grainy sand
that covers the stone cold
stair case

“lucky me”

that’s all i needed
for the boundaries
the time-tides
to disappear