if we are caught in eternity
then there is a chance of once
in an eternity
that time ripped or travelled
And got a bit messed up
so maybe that’s why
sometimes life seems to happen
Twice or

maybe that’s just me

maybe to me it’s
just how it feel when
it’s me
and you and
this love of ours
I swear I’ve tasted those
kisses those lips those
tears once

so this is take 2 or 3 of us
I feel that tingle of
that crackle of
Realisation, of
grateful satisfaction of

“yes we’ve done this before
and yes, we’ll do it again”

when you kiss me
like so many times before

and i sigh in relief

because maybe in all those
lifetimes we have trialled
our looks our minds our love
but when we kiss
I flood with relief
for our kiss never seems
to change.