I’ll be kind to myself because you asked me that’s why I should listen. Because you were the one who wasn’t kind to my self or at least that’s how it feels and then I don’t feel much anymore

Maybe I’m in love with the pain
maybe I’m in love with the suffering
the crying the begging the drowning
cause no matter how far it goes
I know it could never go too far
and make me stray from you

So I love you
fully , completely , eternally

And I’m learning to love myself
slowly , painfully , struggling

But I can’t just flow easy
when it comes to us
we’re storms not lakes
we’re streams bending themselves
not puddles pondering

And I’m water
you’re my earth my universe
my river bed
The friction we cause
just proves I’m still running

The only problem I have
is not knowing
whether you make me run
or hold me
whether you make it harder
or if you make it possible

In the end it won’t matter

Cause you’re still the one
thing I need
to be who I am

And maybe that hurts me
and not you.
never you.