It’s a hard-knock life

And then the music cuts out
you’re alone again
No matter how many times
You let someone in
How much you try
to keep them
There give them
a home there
You will still get so alone at times

Maybe if
or to spite those
Blade-craving fingertips of yours
You hold hands with the lover
Hold them gently
and with
So much attention to detail
So much love for every inch
But time
loosens even iron grips

We all get so alone at times
That sometimes it feels
Like we should never feel any different
Shouldn’t feel at all
Numb ourselves or
Kill ourselves
Reveal to be the options we provide ourselves

Instead of holding our own hands
With generosity and gratitude and
So much love
For you-

So terribly alone at times
That no hand of iron
Could reach you

It’s the point, I suppose

Locked up far away from
Anyone’s reach even
Your own

So alone So
Terribly alone
At times.