Agua Di Amore

I chose not to drink any water today
while travelling away
from you
And yes i know to you home is
where your parents live
But when i moved out i took my heart with
So now mine’s with you

Excuse me for getting teary eyed
when leaving my home behind
standing at the gate number i forgot
at some time today

I sat myself – aisle seat – so i wouldn’t – silent grief –
have to talk to anyone when finally finding my 21 D
I regretted that the instant I couldn’t face the window
and let my tears roll down

No water for me please

I’ll just keep dry for now

what’s another hour or two until I’m back
in my childhood bed holding my childhood
cuddle friends crying over my
post-childhood heart
because mine – He –
took the other plane the one at 12 am
to Chicago, Illionois
Which as i now know lies a two hour drive
from his home – where his family lives

not mine

On the train back “home” I had boarded
the wrong one so distracted by distractions leading away
from any sudden danger of the salty, watery nature
It took me twice the usual time to get to my parents’ place
If that doesn’t say it all It’s hard to find home when that’s
on the other side of the ocean –
when it’s not what you’re looking for

And mine my angel my heart
my home
My love under long lashes
hidden in autumn eyes that warm you
from the inside

He has battles to win
Has homes to go back to
Has love to find for himself
His own – in fact

He might have asked for water

But I know he never drinks enough.