We Will Not Break (Woman)

and our soles weigh heavy with the shadows
that follow But we will not break not let it fall
and darken our light instead
we carry it and think of our wounds
and our scars
we tremble at the thought of our children
– how will they hold on to this life one day…

But don’t you see?
We Will Not Break

Women have been raped
been murdered for centuries
have been enslaved to patriarchy but
We Will Not Break
their anger their despair
it touches us it chokes us
it kills us but
We Will Not Break

Our stance, our pride is not in vain. Their
poison stains only their own souls.

We Will Not Break

We have stood still, we have fought
back, we have grieved over the parts of us
we’ve lost but

We Will Not Break

Their air may have filled our lungs may have
clouded our minds and made their power
invincible but
don’t you see?

We Will Not Break

We are still here, we still stand
and so will our children, our daughters
They will fight and they will meet
the rapists, the murderers who continue to break
Everything including themselves
their darkness it cannot blossom into tears
But our sorrow finds roots to grow into beauty

Our souls are merely healing
They lost theirs when they laid their hands

Oh child. Don’t you see,
We’ve been here yesterday and i will await you
tomorrow again. In their weakness, in their
darkness we still find light.

We Will Not Break

I promise you tomorrow there will be
healing too.
Your heart may beat empty for now your mind
may be spinning, dizzy from the intensity of loss
But your soul is untouchable.
Your light is undeniable. Child.
You are this light.

And you will not break.