Yellow and You, only You

We were celebrating fraternity
There was talking when
I met him – There was a lot of wine
and Talk and laughter it was sweet
A sweet night

So there was a group of us
Enjoying the moment of
Moonlight and dark green dew
sticking to our Skin
we were Musing about Love

“you wish”
The boys laugh at my counter
“no thanks” a clever smile
Flashed back
“yeah right” my words reached

Through ears To dimples
as They deepen my soul is pulled,
Summoned to hum to the Beat
Quickening as i grasped what
stumbled upon me

That night
The moments started to drip of honey
the air tasted sweeter
I fell in the boys’ club
Into green eyes
Into hushed giggles turning into
Us kissing

The others had long fallen
Crushed under heavy eyelids
Smothered in sleep
In woollen blankets that the
beautiful boy had brought

We had grabbed two and
Two spots
Hiding out in the higher
Grass our crowns covered

This pretty boy
with his pretty curls
and i with sunlight Striking
Since I was on top of Him
the day found me sooner

“your eyes
look like morning sky”
The pretty boy whom I found
To carry the prettiest words
breathed beneath me

There was a lot of
that Morning side By Side with
hushed moans and
sneaky yawns

It was a sweet sunrise
A sweetheart’s mid-summer
nights dream shaking
it’s misty wings into the blue