I learned to Love in many ways

the pain – she is jealous of where
you’ve touched me
of where you’ve taken rest in my soul
she envies where you can reach
now that I’ve cast her out
my muse

she’s a little impatient and driven
a humming wildfire, tearing me up
from the inside feels like
lightning strikes more than twice
when the past wears a
broken heart
when i feel her anguish burn it is
well beyond doubt that she could ever
be replaced

but nor could you, my love
two beings of two vastly different dimensions
where you and her both intersect is where
my life finds a rhytme it can breathe
to, between the two
and my lover

what you share is this devotion
to me that finds a center in my
upper ribs
the bitter beats of a heart determined to love
mixes with the freedom of having found a
muse in pain or perhaps
in my fear of her abandonment

she has not left
she speaks in the night she speaks
to me not in words but
with feeling
wakes me three times before sunrise
and yet
had she called me to her I would
have stumbled naked out the door
through waning darkness
straight into her arms.