huckleberry hercules

I’ve never seen as many rainbows
or liked as many new songs
in a week

and maybe right now

I’m still fighting my heart missing a beat
whenever I question if I’d miss you
Maybe I would Maybe I do
when I’m not with you
I know the truth though i can’t
let myself go down that track yet
Can’t take your hand and
Just Go Go Go
after love
Run after passion Chase what makes
my heart dance
until my heart aches
unti my heart breaks

But i guess that’s how we live a life

Lying about
while covered in love that’s sprouting
and spring green buds preparing
to open up
anew and bloom until they’ve grown
into sweetest berry cherrys
(I don’t think i would have sinned for apples)
denying how the fruit
juice drowns your mouth
how darling the drops
run from the corner of your lips
down your chini chin

I’d be there to catch them
with the tip of my tongue,
no lie
I would wipe that smile off your face
Make you face my very own one
you could use your tongue while
I’m having all the fun
I promise I won’t let you suffocate
(Or give you a Cardi B nose break)

But if you’re wondering
I’m still the leather wearing
private school rebel
from six years ago I’ve just aged and mellowed
a little grown a little colder a little
bitter since my love was a
hitter and quitter what can I say
I guess life’s a biter
she likes it rough, I’m a fighter
how love works it’s bigger than storms
and fireworks but it always comes down
to this moment

Where i pretend this
isn’t a love song
although it sings like one

Where you
have to choose
if you want heart string rope burn

Grow until the world has done it’s turn
until the stars drop and the trees reached
the sky and I’m finally holding your
hand tightly in mine
and fly
all the way
Away with you.