universal donor

“who needs cocaine when you have music?”

I look up and know you had x
by the smile you can’t keep just right
I had snaps
for some reason we still vibe

It’s early and late
at the same time
it’s light and dark

I look at you and we still vibe
You on some cloud #9
Shit even looking at you
takes me higher

It’s the way the cigarette
Barely hangs from your lips
marlboro cowboy you pull it off at 5 am
about 25 years past it’s prime

so we still vibe
I guess it’s when silence
becomes silver that words
are worth more than gold

I could talk to you even then
even when you can’t keep
A sentence straight
they’re still the straightest things about you

With straight i meant narrow
because the broad chested
heart sleeves you’re wearing could swallow
a universe with it’s open seams


the smoke looks sweet
swirling from your nostrils

I’d never thought I’d be jealous
of air

that’s when you hand me the other half
of whatever it is we’re taking tonight
don’t wanna go alone this time

We still vibe.