Jack in the Hot Box

i like how when i think about
the way it feels when it sounds
inside my head i swear it shouldn’t
be enough to make me smile as wide

nor should it justify the Shivers
it sends up and down my spine

it isn’t right how when i think about
the Sound you make when you
Communicate I think it over until I
Know the frequency and amplitude
I’d hear from you if I do the things I can’t
help wanting to
(i really like your voice)

And now what

you have me daydreaming my self away to
starry skies and car rides that haven’t
happened I’m reminiscing
about the lingering of lips that have not

it’s weird how your voice alone
has this hold on me, weirder still
that when I’m close it’s not close enough
never closer than you’d let me

embrace this uncertainty
probable unease
definite fantasy
but that’s the test

together til it gets better or
the best of us.