Petit Prince goes to Hollywood

You know I’m not going to lie
Those gentrified Hollywood
Desings of heart affairs
I guess they make sorta
A little bit of sense
Even when they come from
Racist oppressive

sure the romance
underlying the benign
Of princess and her castle
Being rescued is a bit worrying
Since we all know
No one else can do the saving
For you and
Of course the way they
Present what we all take
as the recipe on
How to view our lives
Has ruined many weddings
when Fairy Tales
ended that night

I’m not going to deny the resentment
The misrepresentation
Of what it means to have
Basic rights to equal Love and Life


I just can’t help
How surreal I feel
Disney singalong kinda dizzy
You, time thief
The prince that never
Needed to save
From anything.