Grande Desire

what a dangerous game
you’re playing, love
you have me all tied up
hooked and caught
and so ready for
the thought is enough
to have me at your feet
on my knees
just waiting
craving to have more of
you in me
of this craze I’m in

You how you fit it’s a must
must thrust
must must bust
me out of this cage
I kept myself locked away
from you and this magic
oozing from your soul
every movement you complete
so hot so sweet

it gets sweeter the heat
how you make me need it
and you don’t even blink
all the power you hold
the control do you even know
how little it would take
to follow you blind-folded
for me to just follow down
Any road to nowhere to where ever

I told you baby

it’s a dangerous
How I crave this
I crave us
it’s dangerous.