i actually like morning sex

stale coffe on my breath
I can taste it But it tastes good
like you and morning wood grinding
against my bubblebum i shake it
til the covers drop til you get off
til i’m covered in nothing but you

i wish you would join me
in the reminiscing
of last night’s kissing I’m missing
cause today’s breakfast left me starving
left me aching to be tasting

I just take a breath and I’m taken
back to bed trying my utter best
to get you utterly shaken
To get you to utter some sound
made it my favourite challenge
i can’t help but obsess about it

It helps me settle my stomach while
shooting lighting and thunder
up and down my spine

I wonder how I managed to make you
I wonder how you take me like that
all the time
As if time and time again
just makes it easier for you
to find the grinding style to blow
my mind

I take another breath
it’s empty mugs and cigarette buds
your eyes so much light
so much fire so much fucking

I can’t breathe in without the reminder
the hold of your hold on me

I can’t believe you are here
of all places of all people you found
me I can’t believe
you’re real my day dream lover boy