it’s complicated

you go outta your way to stay out of mine
makes me question if the fault is mine
that you never speak your mind
I still don’t quite get why you’re so set
on taking your time when all I’ve been
waiting for you is to end this waiting for you

honestly I thought love is the only thing
worth saving but love With you isn’t more
than a question mark
just a drug that floods
my heart

the come down is frustrating
because it’s you who’s contemplating
Whether or not this one’s worth taking

Mm i guess I just wanna say
love me tender anyway
love me harder like you mean it
love me softly like it’s been a dream
you’ve been keeping secret

love me til you hate me because I hate you for this
Craving that never seems to be shaken by the truth
that you couldn’t care less for me
But I fell hard for you.