lalaland number XYZed has us
all starry eyed chasing hollywood
day dreams chasing dead dreams
cause that’s all you’re left with
when you take away the passion
what are you left with

nothing so you live with it
the empty soulless sleep
you fear the demons in
Can’t deny how unsatisfied it leaves you
when money can’t heal you
can’t help you escape the hauntings
that you’re sentenced to

maybe more pills more green
will let you sleep deep enough to
forget about life to forget about love
to stay away far away up high
from the dangerous truth you hide
from you and only you cause you have no one else
to turn left with only envy craving power
hunger leaves your heart devoured

Daddy Rich Daddy Fool
Swerving the web searching for that Baby Cool
the jum jum drool the tough love the
hard sugar for someone to feel your pain
the pain you don’t think you deserve to

so what do you do
you take the power that wasn’t meant for you
take the power

Power to the people she’s a keeper
A gardener a dreamer a blossom
in the winter

no man deserves her loving so she makes em pay
she makes em pay if he really wants it
he’ll pay anyway
so he takes what he wants she knows
he pays they know he pays
he takes what he wants

what is privilege anyway

True there’s more to life than pussy
though none of it’s as good
she heals she births she carries
mm you just gotta have her don’t you
who could blame you

no i’m asking

Paid off lawyers blind fold folded from
dollar bill cuts throw no shade no shadow
from the dark dark side you let out last night
Mr. Big Shot no power is ever enough
the control is so much better than love
you fucked her when she said no
you raped her when she begged to go

Monster Monster Man
Add IC when he knows no one can see
What he needs to feel a better fit to his skin
this petulant monstrosity
he’ll devour flowers for the sin of it
that’s him that’s him that’s him

He gave his soul away now he lusts for sweeter
for the unreachable the taste of eden
the taste of love of innocence
– the flower blossom cherry lips –
a craving to taste anything else but him
but the stolen but the taken
yearns to be washed away forsaken
taste of fear and sin and hatred
the only thing they shared is tainted

But baby oh baby oh don’t you know
he could never take your light from you
you are safe from his shadows

Baby Flower  Baby Cool
Don’t let any one ever make you feel
like they could ruin you
baby blue baby blue
swear you only grow more beautiful

Baby Girl you’re the blooming water Lilly on this pond
this muddy dark reality.