When time is a tyrant and the universe
is it’s own ridiculer I find hold
in these arms in this nest of angels
between soft feathers and little deaths

love washes over me
love that blossoms like water lillies
from muddy dark to lights in bloom

From the center of our souls
a little hole a little hole
you know our galaxy twirls around
giant black holes
they embrace it all
they take it all

it’s just how we grow
a flower of star petals
of a black hole heart
that’s what
we are what you are

so beautiful this rebelion for life
our corruption against time

We might be angels we might be beasts
but somehow we are magic

I feel the spirit with you I see all the love
this universe holds in you

you are so much love
you are so much light

I pray for love
I pray for love

absurd the way the world breathes
the waves break

just falling over and over

I pray for love.