Why can the murder not be love
the killer and the to be killed
endeared enamored albeit
despite or maybe because
their roads their paths they chose
to wander would cross each other
in such a way.

Why can they not be besotted
with each other while bearing
their fates?
– we die.

Why can I not feel love for the world
when it has stolen Everything from me?

I am part of this whole we share my bones may
rot into dirt but that’s why
I never end
so why should I not be able to embrace
this as my all


And I die every time

la petite morte est une femme de la mort
but by death we are not parted we are united.

In the shower I sometimes sink
a little deper than what we would
Call sink holes.
Sinking. Sinking.
The sinker.

a little maze to my self. maybe.


All my life have I never seen. Such a wonderful
sight my. Lord the skies are blushing with red
Water. has so much to reflect
oh no Matter. it’s so deep.

My stripper name would be interlude
The elements are art.


allow the caressing of my lips
to massage the tenderness
of your soul. This universe is ours.
If you want to be. .

Summer blossom
in crystals of
blue Sky

you and I.


You said you wanted to hear my thought s
on the matter .,
Didn’t you?