clubmed. love edition. 1955

I’d fly out tomorrow who needs bags baby
who needs clothes in Cuba you let it go

trumpets! baby. Trumpets!
guitars stringing to their
chan chan chanting singing dreaming
out loud in the streets
Baby! in the streets they dance!
all night some days all night!

how else should one fuel love
our passion pulling like the tides
the blue ocean stroking the silver sand
kissing our feet under heavy moon light
under stars under dreams of never ending nights
how else should
we find each other if not in smoke of late night
cigars romeo y julieta

nervosito with the buena vista of seeing you
all of you so soon for it’s terribly hard
not to down this cuban club rum not to knock it back
and us over, you off your feet

Baby baby
underneath the mango trees they’ve been saying
underneath the mango trees my honey and me
can go watch for the moon
so let me persuade you into
this dance of tenderness let me fall onto my kness
in praise in thanks for this blessing you
bestowed on me

mh. baby.
I close my eyes my heart carries me
it carries me there to you.

mh baby
i close my eyes and I dream.

I’m already in