mattress #2 / 98

you know just the thought of you sets me on fire
sets me aflame
so bright so burning I can’t tell
if it’s a good thing
that your name is enough to disarm my armor
you makes me feel so vulnerable

But i linger darling linger
cause it’s what i was meant to do
cause i cannot bear not to
so i linger darling linger longer
or until you tell me not to

mh it’s not fair what passion lies
in the lies I keep telling myself
mh I can’t take how little of you
you had to give
to make me give all of me
mh it’s not fair darling
it shouldn’t be but
it is what it is you say to me

prayer and praises are dangerously
close from falling from my lips
all it takes the touch of your finger tips
and i give up being anything
but what you trace of me

So i linger darling linger
if you can bear me
linger darling linger longer
you pull me closer
to the brink this explosion
you’re burning inside of me

boy what have you done to me

shangri-la is probably the flipside
of your mattress I don’t even wanna know
how many backs have rested flat against it
but you can tell me you can tell me anything
what am i gonna do? not listen to you?
oh i wish i could darling i wish i wanted
anything but you

lovers smother each other
some in the best but most in the worst ways

so linger darling linger longer
if you can bear me darling
and we can only get stronger

I’ll hold you when you want me to
I’ll walk away when you tell me you’re through
But I’m wanting to know
why are souls crave each other so

lover if it’s meant to be
there’s no point in fighting destiny

So linger darling linger
and dance with me
linger darling linger longer
if you can bear me
we’ll only get stronger.