trip or treat

i can taste you in the rain
in the summer
in the spring
i trace you in the ashes
on my sweater on my sleeves
on bonfire nights
in the smoke
under stars
i my sleep
I can’t tell if you’re real
Or really
just a dream
But you’re all fantasy
A fairy tale and a half
A prince charming
in (no) need of rescuing.

; Smirking at the child like delight

You plant kisses perfectly
they grow roots so deeply
Tangle my core
My carnal heart roaring
with hunger for more

; I unravel layers

The next morning
Yawning sun rays
striking pillows
at an angle
making me
my sticky sweet
skin glowing
with a diamond like
It was then that i fell for
A dip
In my mattress

; you in my room.