now you know


we said
no names
and something other than baby
when under covers
we stay under cover
it’s safe
just hold on
let’s hold each other
til i know you inside out
from top to bottom

(but never if you sleep enough
how you dream
or what you look like when you wake up)

i want to even before i kiss you
i want to every time i do

it’s the price of sin
to worship in secret
and i fall on my knees for you
it’s the price of love
to know your face
as i try to hide my own
it’s the price of faith
to recognize you for who you are

as you whisper my name
i am shaken
by truth
as resolve not to believe
begs to be broken
with my name in your moan
so sweet and dirty and pure
my resolves crumbles
upon resonating with confrontation

how could you not be holy
how could this not be true

the dust settles
with my reborn heart
i find the fear of unknown destiny
i find the fear of leaving
you with nothing
when i want to give you everything

I fear knowing you,
I will not bear losing you
i would not stand it
nor for it

so i don’t
and jump at the chance to fall
to land head over heels
in the middle of nowhere
just to plead with the setting sun
for another taste of summer
before the deep slumber of winter
calls us home