Those people were music to her
Songs, the adventures they shared
Album covers, their chapters in her diary;
Laughing in time to the off-beat off-tune
Impersonators Mr. & Mr. 80s Rock
‘n’ rolling, roaring off the top of their lungs
singing shouting yelling
Into this void and it didn’t matter that it never
answered back,
It never mattered,
Cause what it was all about
was Them singing to the point of being the song
Their melody
that sounded from where they stood
and where they thought they were going,
All that existed was that moment,
captured between the G D E strings of
some well-paid musician from some Band
that was more brand that musical institution .
But it didn’t matter
Nothing did except for that song, that melody
that second
where everything was forgotten for the sake
of sharing a sensation beyond the stillness
that dark empty silence they had been forced into.

She misses you, you know.