Sailor’s Hitch


Following our voyage
I dare hope you miss me still, or finally,
or maybe all over again.
When these words reach you
I feel a fool admitting
having shared the kiss that was our last ignorantly
and in denial of how the time passes
as time did – too swiftly,
much too soon.

I desire our bittersweet reunion
Following our last memory of
Foam-covered wave peaks
 (what was meant to be),
and the Collision of water beneath
 (what we had become)
Pulling under – A sinking ship,
you clinging to the wreckage (since you cannot swim)
Me afloat, trapped in a current (since I was scared to)

We landed on beaches alone
Oceans between us

All I had for proof of our May-day were
sheet-worn knees naked on cold sand
as I was left to wander shores
with nothing but the taste of sea salt,
grief-dried crusts, a heart tender to the touch.

Once abandoned I’m sure
you hated yourself for
what you left with me.
Stuck in your side those splinters,
witness of rough crashing seas, of the cold night where
masts fell as we did –

Ladies in white wallowing
outside your window now
Do you ever wish I would join them?


Don’t ever believe otherwise
when I tell you I found the serenest of rest
in your arms
no matter what follows this heart-wrenching lust
This storm and separation
I assure you, we did drift in the oceans
with sails full
and as nothing but lovers.