The moon
has a face that it keeps hidden
The sun’s shines so bright
an explosion in the sky

We have two realms
Day and night
Two opposite in colour
And for us
Opposite in almost everything else

Night allows us to follow our shadows
When day merely lets us cast them
Watch and observe how our legs grow longer
As we merge with the darkness
How much faster we fly come night

How we are stunned each morning
When the rays crawl along the floor
Following a path
Temples built doors for
This one golden yellow
How night knows so many more

This moon
Unlike our sun
Casts us one reflection
holding in its shadow
That of a thousand stars.

What I know about art:

It is a reflection
It is partly secret
It is partly open adoration
It is love
It is partly open adoration
It is partly secret
It is a reflection;